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Need a friend?

    We’re more lonely than ever. Studies show that most people in the United States have no one they can talk about important issues with, compared to an average of three close friends in the 1970’s.
    We need friends. And with the right skills, you can find your people and develop a deep, trusting social group that will always have your back.

Looking for love?

The middle of a pandemic is a hard time to date, but thanks to apps and video chat, you can meet someone new without ever leaving your home. Learn how to:

  • Create the perfect profile that will attract the most compatible matches
  • Message girls so they’re excited to go on a date with you
  • Never run out of things to talk about on a date

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Why Hire a Coach?

If you’re casually interested in learning to play a musical instrument, you might watch videos on YouTube and spend some time playing around. But if you’re serious about improving, there’s no substitute for a teacher. And the fastest way to learn is private lessons. I offer the following coaching packages:

  • Full Profile Review – We’ll cover your photos, your bio, and the messages you’re sending to girls. Guaranteed to get you more matches with higher quality women.
  • Dating Deep Dive – It’s the works. You’ll get the whole profile workshop, plus we’ll cover what to say on dates and answer tricky questions like “How do I know when to go for the first kiss?”
  • Small Talk Made Easy – Sometimes small talk is a big challenge. I’ll help you find ways to make it easy and fun, so you never have to dread one on one time with a stranger ever again. Bonus, it’ll help your first date skills immensely.
I always tried to be funny in my profile, Steven helped me put something authentic and personal instead, and I'm getting way more matches!
Logan Testimonial
Logan - Berkeley, CA
Steven's advice will get you married. He helped me make a profile that only attracts the right matches.
Heather Testimonial
Heather - Las Vegas, NV
So much detail! I left our call with a plan of action and I feel hopeful and excited about dating.
Brett Testimonial
Brett - San Francisco, CA

Still on the Fence?

    If you’re curious but not convinced, I will cover the cost of one no strings attached coaching session. You don’t need to sign up for anything, you don’t need to start a free trial, just click the button below and book a free, one hour session with me. We’ll talk about what’s giving you trouble with dating and social connections, and you’ll leave the session with new insights and a plan of action to get the results you want.

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