My Coaching Story

    I wasn’t always comfortable in my skin. I used to feel like an alien, wandering around the human world trying to fit in. I was shy, awkward, and had no idea how to even begin asking a girl on a date, let alone what to do if she actually said yes.
    It took a lot of work, dozens of rejections, and plenty of embarrassing moments that have become some of my funniest stories, but I got to the point where I was going on 4 or 5 dates every week. More importantly, I was happy being single. It’s the first time I actually felt that, instead of just saying it like everyone does when they’re trying to deflect prying questions from family over the holidays.
    If you’re sick of telling people that “you’re just waiting for the right person” and you’re ready to start finding them, let’s work together.

Coaching Services

Small Talk Made Easy $15 – 60 Minutes
    I’ll spend 15 minutes sharing techniques to help you make conversation in any setting, then we’ll put those techniques to use in a practice conversation. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to talk to anyone in any situation, and I’ll share the best tricks I’ve learned to make small talk fun and interesting instead of a grueling chore.
    This will definitely help you out on first dates too.

Full Profile Review $30 – 60 Minutes
    We’ll cover everything from taking better photos, to writing a more engaging profile, to sending the perfect message to that girl you’re trying to impress. Online, your profile determines both the quality and quantity of dates you get. Let’s make it the best it can be.   
    Photos. Expect me to tell you most of your photos need to be removed. As men, we don’t know how to take good pictures of ourselves, but don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out.
    Your Bio. I’ll tell you why everything you think makes you stand out is actually making you blend in. And you’ll get one change you can make to truly show off your best self.
    If you aren’t getting the results you want from online dating, this is the place to start.

Dating Deep Dive $45 – 60 Minutes
    Tired of being timid? Want to learn how to make friends everywhere you go and find your perfect partner? Are you ready to level up your social life and feel happy and comfortable expressing yourself?
    With this package we’ll walk through everything from starting conversations to flirting to how to invite her over without being too forward. It’s everything you need to meet the perfect partner.
    I’ll be in your pocket and for the next week after our session you can reach out to via email and I’ll respond quickly with tips and advice for your specific situation. You’ve got this.

Free Consultation

Not convinced? If you haven’t done it yet, make sure you sign up for a free consultation session so you can see firsthand how I can help you get the results you want.

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